Case Studies

Case Study: CBD

A newly formed CBD products company needed more visitors to their website. Rather than opt for a pay-per-click approach to growing traffic, their agency chose to commission the publication of online content with reference to their client or their industry. This approach to SEO delivers more site visitors without a cost per click. What’s more, the increased site traffic is earned organically instead of generated artificially.

The agency hand-selected URLs and keywords to be featured in original and thoughtful articles published online through our network of publishers and editors. This increased web visibility for the client while also using high-value keywords to elevate their position in relevant Google search results. The content publication was done in tandem with website management, social media optimization, and existing advertising.

The results of this multifront marketing campaign were profound. The client went from having zero visitors through Google rankings in August 2019 – the month we began creating content for them – to over 5,000 organic visitors in February 2020. As shown below, the keywords they rank for have increased dramatically in that same timespan. This demonstrates a marked improvement in their online visibility since our involvement began.

Case Study: Auto Insurance

Two years ago, a car insurance company specializing in high-risk policies set its sights on outranking the competition for Google searches for “SR22 insurance.” At the time, the company’s site was appearing on page 10 of the search results. Artificial site traffic generated by pay-per-click SEO wouldn’t be enough for such a mammoth undertaking. The company needed a reliable way to drive organic traffic to their website. The answer? Carefully crafted, well-written content published online.

The role of quality content in generating greater online visibility relies on the delicate way in which the content is developed and written. It starts when a marketing agency selects the right pairing of URLs and keywords. Content developers take these URL-keyword matches – known as anchor text – and incorporate them into original and informative articles published on high-traffic websites. This increases web visibility for the client and does so in a way that helps their website rank higher in high-value keyword searches through Google.

The creation of quality content occurred in conjunction with effective website management and social media optimization done by the agency. Three or more links appeared in well-written articles published online every month for two years. These links were placed in the articles as a mixture of exact, phrase, and branded anchor text. The results were significant: the insurance company went from page 10 of search results to page one. They recently leapfrogged and they’re close to doing the same to in the near future.